Country Festivals and Events


A wonderful way to discover many more interesting aspects of Tuscany is to participate in one of the numerous typical country festivals and folkloristic events. These Festivals and events take place throughout the year, although they are more frequent from April to October. Believe us, going to one of the various food celebrations such as the Cinghiale, goose, or Pici festival and the lists goes on and on is a beautiful and characteristic experience giving you the opportunity to appreciate our local traditions. Then there are the famous Palio of Siena, la Giostra del Saracino of Arezzo, l’Archidado of Cortona and many other less known hidden treasures of our folklore, such as the Carnival of Foiano, the Palio dei Somari, the Maggiolata of Lucignano or the Bravio delle Botti of Montepulciano. Many events and food festivals are easily reachable during your stay at Antica Quercia Verde and we will be very happy to provide updated information and links to the most spectacular events.

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