Cortona, panoramic view

The origin of Cortona is surrounded by legends, some involve Crano, one of Noah’s descendants, others are about Enea and the foundation of Troy and Rome. What is certain is that Cortona was one of the capital cities of the Etruscan League. Situated at an altitude of 600 metres, Cortona dominates the Valdichiana and offers spectacular views in every direction. Cortona was in a very strategic position for the Etruscans and is now just that for the savvy traveller. The remains of the Etruscan period are still very visible in the defensive wall that encircles the city centre. The present atmosphere of the town is strongly characterised by its medieval narrow streets that run steep from and towards the towns centre and some of the finest Renaissance examples are the other characteristic of this pearl of Tuscany, among those, perhaps the best being the Chiesa di Santa Maria Nuova designed and built by the architect Vasari facing Antica Quercia Verde agriturismo. For art and history lovers a visit to the Diocesan museum, with its Renaissance collection of paintings and the MAEC museum with its Etruscan collection or walking through the archeological park and its paths are very relaxing and inspiring discoveries. Our agriturismo, farmstay, is situated along the most spectacular walk of the MAEC archeological park situated half way between the Convent of Le Celle, founded by Saint Francis and the Etruscan Toombs of Il Sodo. Many movies have been set in Cortona, among which the popular “Under The Tuscan Sun” adapted from the homonymous book written by Frances Mayes and Villa Bramasole is at walking distance from us.